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duo e.x.p. is a musical collaboration between Sulaiman Azimi and Greg Sunga, two Bay Area artists influenced by many musical genres such as Black American music, Ghazal, and Filmi. They also draw inspiration from visual art, film, literature, and their experiences of society, culture, and technology. Sulaiman's guitar playing, influenced by Hendrix and his Afghan roots, is powerful and emotionally expressive, while his vocals are soulful and clear. Greg's drumming is sophisticated and experimental, blending clean pocket and syncopated rhythms with precision and speed.


Described as "chaordic," duo e.x.p.'s music balances chaos and order, with a full and driving sound that carries a delicate and euphonious melody. Their live performances are spirited and energizing, with Sulaiman and Greg creating a magnetic energy that draws attention from their audiences. Since their formation in 2019, duo e.x.p. has released four projects, including their debut EP "The Death of Poor Boy" and a live album called "Afghanistan Now." They are currently working on their latest project, "Are We Okay?" set to release by the end of 2023. Their music is a testament to the beauty found in chaos.

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